Thursday, November 1, 2012

Poney Club: Paris night is dead, viva Paris night!

Few weeks ago, I took my butt and my camera to the Poney Club expecting to find the craziness I truly miss from New York nightlife and parties.

What is the Poney Club?

If I had to summarize what the Poney Club is I would say very briefly that it is “The” alternative invented by Le Mont C, a group of young and dynamic party promoters, to the boring and allegedly high-end Parisian nightclubs.

If you are from Paris or if you are a connaisseur of the Paris nightlife, I am pretty sure that you know what clubs are on my mind when I refer to these welcoming doors for a pseudo elite.

The Poney Club is the opposite. You don’t need to be the son of. You don’t need to wear ostensibly like you don’t care expensive clothes that look rotten. You don’t need to know the bouncer and suck his balls when he pretty much talks to you like you are a whore or a piece of shit.

No, definitely, all these things are exactly what the Poney Club is not.

The Poney Club is a joyful mess where you can just allow yourself to be yourself and chill or party, even if your bank account is not fully loaded (a drink will cost you around 4 or 5 euros), even if you don’t belong to the Parisian supposedly arty world.

At the door, just smile and be ready to party. Pretty simple.

Because the Poney Club is what is, a few night promoters are trying to shut it down. And this really pisses me of. Why those dudes who don’t want you in their clubs don’t want others to welcome you.  You will not be their guests anyway. 

This “who’s got the biggest one” fight is just pretty stupid. There is room for everybody and for all tastes.

So dear reader, if you belong to those who are sick of this Parisian party elitism, sustain the Poney Club to revive the Paris nightlife.

With the Poney Club, viva Paris night!

Text and Pictures by
Alda Mori