Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fish Kon Shoes

Paris Fashion Week is ending today.  Of course, I could write about:

1) Fashion Industry Personalities

Suzy Menkes (NY Times) and Anna Dello Russo (Vogue Japan)
Franca Sozzani (Vogue Italy)

Nina Garcia (Marie Claire US) and Joe Zee (Elle US)

2) Fashion Photographers

3) Canine Photographers

4) Beautiful Models

5) Beautiful People

Elettra Wiedemann and Olivia Palermo

6) And many other nice things...

Instead, let's talk about fish Kon shoes. 

If you have read my post about Kumagai, you have probably understood that I have a thing for shoes.  And if you (religiously ?) follow my blog, you most certainly know by now that I am passionate about Photography.

In case you don't, boohoo!

Very recently, while reading a book about history of Photography I found a very interesting photograph of a Converse shoe. Please, have a look.

Do you notice something ?  No.  Look closer.  


Yep!  There you go. These sneakers are actually made of fish and the laces are made of squid tentacles.  One can almost have the smell.

This interesting photographic composition titled Cuttlefish and Sneaker belongs to Michiko Kon, a japanese photographer who uses organic matter to create beautiful and poetic but yet disturbing images where Life confronts Death. 

For instance, Kon covered the boot below with wispy shrimp, rosebuds, and fish scales. 

The beautiful shoe below is covered with salmon skin. 

Not wearable. I agree. But definitely an interesting idea that Kon also applied to clothing and notably to lingerie. 

Gizzard Shad and Brassiere (Bra made of fish-skin)
Who knows, maybe one day we will see Gaga wearing a sardine bra or salmon shoes ! She already tried meat, why not fish ?

In any case, if you find Kon's work interesting you can purchase the book Still Lifes by Michiko Kon.


Alda Mori

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