Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Doors

Jorge Rosa - Rua Dos Barreiros n°13

Not all artists are as gifted as "Bankirst" to self promote their work. Sadly. 

While in Funchal, walking down the streets, which by the way are really too clean for me, I found out about this awesome art project called "Projecto Arte Portas Abertas" (Open Doors Art Project) in Santa Maria Street.

This project launched in August 2010 consists in bringing back to life old (and most of the time deteriorated) doors by using them as a medium for artistic expression. In other words, doors in ruin are used as canvases by artists to paint, draw and sculpt.

The result is amazing and definitely inspiring. Here are some of my favorite ones.

Rua Santa Maria n°135 - Frederico & Joao
Rua Santa Maria n°37 - Roberto Macedo Alves
Rua Santa Maria n° 47 - Rodrigo
Travessa Joao Caetano 2A - Sergio Nobrego Artesao

Rua Santa Maria there are no policemen guarding these little treasures. On the contrary. You may enjoy a good bolo do caco (a local speciality made of bread, butter, garlic and herbs) while seated at a table contemplating your favorite tableau. Free art.

In case, you would like to see more doors and discover new artists you can check this website (there is an English version) : http://www.arteportasabertas.com

There are many doors left to express oneself. 

So Banksy, or Bankirst, or whoever you are, if you read this (I am dreaming aloud, ok ?) I would be curious to see what crazy work of art you could perform. Instead of promoting street art in a city already full of it, come visit your portuguese friends. 



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