Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ai Weiwei... Mouais...

Few weeks ago, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, I resolved to do something to stimulate my brain numb with too much alcohol from the eve.  So I decided to do something really (not) innovative; I took my ass to the Berenice Abbott exhibition with the certainty that I wouldn’t be disappointed.  And indeed, I spent one hour admiring the many photographs on display (over 120 pictures), my favorite ones being Jean Cocteau with a gun and Jean Cocteau’s hands.

Enthusiastic about what I just saw I undertook to stop by the Ai Weiwei exhibition.  What a (half) mistake!  I found it uninteresting except for the New York and Beijing photographs.

The next Monday morning, while enjoying a coffee break and debriefing about the weekend with a colleague, I started a debate about the Chinese artist.

-“I swear.  It was boring.”

-“I cannot believe it. One of my friends told me that it’s one of THE best exhibitions at the moment.”

-“I don’t know. I kinda don’t understand the pointed finger stuff. The perspective?  My ass.  It is so cliché!  But maybe I am too stupid.”

End of the discussion.

Two days ago, the same colleague burst in my office apparently willing to share something highly important: her opinion.

-“I went to the Ai Weiwei exhibition.  Amazing!  Seriously, how can you say that it’s not interesting?”

-“Well, I just don’t get it.  It’s not because someone is a political activist that what this person does qualifies as Art.”

-“Really?????  Now, I don’t get it.  Did you at least read the captions?”

-“Yeah!  And?  A picture should be self-explanatory.  If you need a caption to get the point, then it’s like a holiday picture that you serve to your bored but patient friends with lots of lousy excuses. ”

-“Well, I don’t share your point of view.”

-“Guess what? That’s democracy baby! “

So yes, as an artist, Ai Weiwei… it’s mouais

Alda Mori

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