Sunday, March 4, 2012

Apple Talk With Garance Doré

Garance Doré
 Friday afternoon, I took my green trench to the Opéra Apple Store in Paris.

Not that I needed anything in particular from there.

No.  The real motive of my little stroll was to meet Garance Doré to discuss her work.  At least that was the promise.

On arriving, I was impressed by the crowd.  Mainly females.  Young and not so young.  Some males here and there. 

The crowd
Do you see Garance backstage ?
A quick glance at the place to try to strategically localize the best place to hear the French blogging goddess.  Damn it!  I arrived too late and since I am not 5 ft. 10 I decided that I was going to be mobile.

That’s when I spotted a nice place on the 1st floor balcony.  It was not ideal, but from there I saw the star of the day.  There she was, preparing to jump on the scene.  Smiling and chatting with her crew.

Garance Doré and her crew
1 p.m.  She eventually got on the stage.  Smiling and natural but maybe a little bit stressed?  She wore her perfect Prada pumps.

Unfortunately, the mic did not work that well or maybe there was too much noise.  I don’t know but I didn’t hear a thing (no, I am not deaf).  Sadly.  So, I ran downstairs.  Close to the stage.  Same thing, although I could now see closely the perfect pumps and the admiring faces of the attendees.

The Prada perfect pumps
I was no longer trying to catch any word of the discussion but just observing the Garance Doré effect. 

Sparkling eyes staring widely.  Mouths falling open.  A fashionable crowd that seemed more attracted by the glamour of Garance Doré’s world than by the hard work behind the show.

Some may criticize her girly girl tone and the fact that she’s no longer the girl next door from the beginning, but the truth is that through her blog Garance Doré offers an escape to our morose daily grind, showing us a chosen piece (the one that makes anyone dream) of her unusual life amongst designers, fashionistas and hipsters.

Garance Doré and her fans
I was a little bit disappointed by the whole thing, partly because I was expecting her to talk about the secrets of the dream making machine, how she manages her blog, the tools she uses to draw, the cameras she works with, the way she gets people to strike the pose, the way she brands herself and markets her blog. 

But one thing is for sure: Garance, you are a rock star!

Hopefully one day I will see these questions answered.  Garance, if you read this, it’s when you want for an interview.

Alda Mori

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