Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Diego Rivera: a trend spotter before time

Picture by Diego Rivera

I could not leave Mexico City without paying my tribute to Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera.  With few hours to kill before departing, I decided to make a quick visit to the Casa Estudio, in San Angel, and the Casa Azul, in Coyacan.  

Despite the traffic jam which caused a few sweat drops to ruin my hair, I managed to get to Rivera's studio at the opening time.  I was thrilled!

There is a special aura in this place and, honestly, I could not help but feeling deeply moved once in the large living room where Rivera had his studio.  It's as if Rivera had just left the house and is going to come back in a few minutes.  At the center of the studio, the master's large blue jacket covered with paint stains lays on the sofa.  On the floor, one pair of his gigantic shoes. His paintbrushes are still there. 

The place is filled with magic. The daylight that penetrates through the large windows illuminates the place. Outside, it's all quiet.  It's all green.  You can ear birds sing.  It's hard to believe that you are 30 minutes way from downtown Mexico City.  The time seems suspended but, unfortunately, it is not. 

If I want to say hi to Frida, I've got to go.

The Casa Azul is not far. 

I love Frida, not only for her paintings, but for what she represents (to me), i.e.  Woman with a big "W".  

On arriving at Calle de Londres, I couldn't wait any longer.  

The first thing you notice when you penetrate the large wooden entry door is the colors (the  external walls are painted in electric blue) and the vegetation.  It's a haven of peace disturbed by tourists like me.

In the house, the spirits of Frida and Diego are omnipresent, embodied in the many paintings, letters, photographs and furniture on display. I was under the spell.  

In one of the rooms, I came across the following photographs, taken by Diego Rivera while he was traveling to South America, that I really wanted to share with you.

Looking at these pictures, it feels like the characters are our contemporaries.  Don't you think?  The look in their eyes.  Their poses.  Their outfits.  Yes, their outfits!  They are incredibly stylish and modern.  It's as if things did not really change between the time of these prints and today.

If I dared, I would say that those photographs look like the ones one can find nowadays on some fashion blogs.  After all, what if Diego Rivera had been a trend spotter before time ?

What do you think when you see these shots ?  Do they inspire you ?  Let me know.

Alda Mori

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