Thursday, December 22, 2011

Koons, Cattelan and Roat

I have never been fond of contemporary art.  

I tried. I really tried.

But I can't take it seriously. 

When I think contemporary art, I see Roat Romano Chucalescu.

Roat Romano Chucalescu is the archetype of the contemporary artist who will shit on a canvas, pretend it's art and sell it a fortune.

Just check this video* and you will totally get the point (  I am sorry for those who don't speak/understand French. I will try to have it translated because it is hilarious.

Some quotes are memorable !

"I do not go to the canvas. The canvas comes to me." or "I am a deconstructor of  timelessness."

Yeah, I see you laughing behind your screen... Go ahead, it's good for your abs.

In other words, to me the contemporary artist was personified by Koons. The man was a broker used to sell crap, who married the Cicciolina.

He sells plastic lobsters and everybody screams : "Genius!"

Come on.

An artist** once said :

"Someone once told me that it  (art) was very profitable profession...

"Still, the art world loves to talk, and in recent months among the expensive paintings that have quietly changed hands are a 1970s de Kooning abstract canvas sold for around $30 million; a Cy Twombly “Blackboard” painting for $12 million; one of Gerhard Richter's “Color Charts” for $18 million; and Jeff Koons’s “Hanging Heart Violet” sculpture for $11 million."

that you could travel a lot ...

and meet a lot of girls (...)."

"There is, at least, a certain amount of respect.  This is one profession in which I can be a little bit stupid, and people will say, "Oh, you are so stupid; thank you, thank you for being so stupid"."  

Yes, to me contemporary art and the contemporary artist were all contained in this quote.

But recently, I had a sort of revelation (not about Koons, of course).

Last Sunday, despite the cold, I went to the Cattelan exhibition at the Guggenheim. At first, I was not really enthusiastic about it.

But what I saw was just incredible. For once there was a meaning  (to me at least).


I don't know.  I was just captivated.  

All these sculptures hanging from the museum's rotunda seemed so real. There was no cohesiveness but still it was absolutely fascinating.

I must however admit that the taxidermied horses, donkeys and dogs made me feel uncomfortable.

But I guess I come from very far... 


* Les Inconnus (L'Artiste Peintre)
** Maurizio Cattelan


  1. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!
    Marry Christmas!

  2. Hi Nik !

    Thanks for your nice message. I wish you a happy holiday too !